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Multi-Services GSTJ

More than just a packaging products supplier. We have been offering our clients customized procurement strategies for more than 15 years.

At MS, we want to stand out from the competition by providing our business partners with all the required tools and support to satisfy all their packaging, labelling, storage and transportation needs.

Why choose MS? Because we centralize and coordinate our services to ensure timely delivery, thanks to an optimal strategy that helps our clients save space, time and money while reducing errors associated with complex and multi- stakeholders logistics.

In addition, storing your merchandise and managing your distribution, will help you maximize your plant’s production capacity, implement a spare inventory and save on raw materials by increasing your purchasing volume.

We also provide you with an inventory management system that helps you track your consumption. Thanks to our user-friendly website, you can adjust minimum and maximum quantities according to your order book.

Backed by a 100,000-sq.ft. warehouse and an impressive truck fleet, we offer you a reliable procurement strategy and proactively manage your inventory. Whether your needs be large or small, we will provide your with reliable, professional and attentive service.